Given the uncertainty of the Covid-19 restrictions, the Marin Tennis League Board has cancelled the 2020 - 2021 tennis season. We will post any updated information.

Marin Tennis League


Marin League does not use USTA ratings. However, if you would like to update your USTA rating in your profile, see below:

After you have logged in, click on your name in the orange tab in the upper right corner. Select "My Profile" to take you to your player profile. Click on the Ratings tab in the upper grey menu bar (next to "Schedule Play").

You can enter a rating that you wish to show to the public using our 'Fixed Ratings' option. This rating doesn’t change unless you change it manually.

Last update: 09/03/19

The Marin League Board has cancelled the remainder of the MTL season to protect the health of its league players and their families. There were 4 unplayed matches. Scores based on each team's average match results have been posted for these 4 matches. Captains of these teams do not need to make any website entries. We thank you for your support during this challenging time.

COVID-19 – In light of the current tennis restrictions, the Marin Tennis League Board has decided to cancel the 2020 - 2021 season (9/14/20 - 3/20/21). This year's results will determine a team's position in the 2021-2022 season. We weighed several options, including a later start to the season. However, the unpredictable fall/winter weather and the uncertainty of when/if the Marin SIP ordinance will allow doubles play could create delays that would impact the season. We will email our members and post any new information. We look forward to seeing you in September 2021.

Last update: 05/28/20

Welcome to the new Marin Tennis League website!


Last update: 07/20/19

Teams must win 35% of total match points to stay at level. Teams that win 65% of total match points may move up if they wish. Division winners must move up.

2019-2020 performance benchmarks:

  • A1: 10 matches; 150 possible points; 65%: 97 points; 35%: 52 points
  • A2: 11 matches; 165 possible points; 65%: 107 points; 35%: 57 points
  • A3: 8 matches; 120 possible points; 65%: 78 points; 35%: 42 points
  • B1: 9 matches; 135 possible points; 65%: 87 points; 35%: 47 points
  • B2: 10 matches; 150 possible points; 65%: 97 points; 35%: 52 points

Last update: 11/21/19


2019/2020 Season

The following information is designed to help you familiarize yourself with our new website. If you have problems with the site, or have questions once you begin using the site, please contact Michelle Steinhart at, or Terry Graham at for help.


All MTL Members:

All MTL members and other interested parties will have access to all sections of the site. Players can check and print schedules, rosters, rules, etc. They can look at current standings and results. In short, they can get access to real-time information about the league directly from the site, without having to call Captains, Club Reps, or the League Chairperson.To access the site, go to For online help go to or

Each player can register herself for a team once she has registered on the website.See instructions below:

Accessing the website for the FIRST TIME:

1. Go to

2. In "Find players, clubs, etc." enter "Marin Tennis League"

3. On the Results page click on "Marin Tennis League"

4. This takes you to the MTL Home Page. On the left hand side, under the MTL logo, click on the "Create Top Dog Account" button

5. Fill out the form, including your email address. An email with a password will be sent to you

6. Log in, create a new password, and register for a team. You can sign yourself up for a team

7. On the MTL Home Page, click on the appropriate division

8. Click on the team you wish to join

9. At the top of the screen click on “Sign Up” (in the red box). Ignore any mention of fees. All fees have been paid by the Marin League as part of your team’s application fee

Accessing every time thereafter:

1. Go to Use your email address as your login, and your password.

2. Each player has a “profile” that contains the information you entered when you registered on the website. You can edit this at any time by clicking on Edit Profile under your name at the top right (in the orange bar)

3. Click on “My Profile” under your name (in the orange bar) after you log in to see your completed matches. You can also access your profile by clicking on your name in the team roster.


Captains have been pre-registered so they can post match results.All captains have been pre-registered using their email address (provided in the MTL application to register a team).The password is tennis.

Adding Players to the Roster:

Log in on your team page and select Manage Roster, located above the team roster

1.Enter player’s last name in the search field and hit Search

2.To select the listed player click on the circle to the left of the player’s name

3.Choose if they are a Regular player or a Sub (we have enabled the substitute option. Be sure and follow the MTL rules)

4.Save and Continue to add another player or Save and Exit

To Delete a Player:

1.From the team page, go to the Team Roster section
2.Under the Action column, click on the Update corresponding to the player you want to delete
3.Click on the “Remove” button. If a player has played matches you might need to check the “Remove match totals” option

Scheduling Matches

1.Matches have been automatically scheduled for each division on the Monday of a specific week (similar to what happens on the USTA website at the start of a league season)

2.We anticipate that captains will change the schedule to mutually agreeable dates. Go to your division page and click on the “Edit Schedule” tab

3.If you need to “add” a match, click on “Click here to add a new match” at the top of the screen

4.Click on “edit” to change an existing match

Match Result Reporting:

1.Log on (you must be a captain or co-captain)

2.Go to your Team Page. You can click on search to find your team.

3.Under your team name and information, the screen is divided into two sections: your schedule and your roster.

4.To enter a match, click on the options menu.

  • Each line of play has a Status drop-down box that is set, by default, to “Completed”. You can change this to “default', “retired”, “Timed”, or “double default”. Definitions are given below
  • Click the winner of each line of play in the first column on the left
  • Using the drop-down boxes, click on the players’ names
  • Enter the match scores per set in the appropriate boxes. For sets that played a tiebreaker, enter 7-6. You do not need to enter the actual tiebreaker score. For retired matches, enter the actual score when the match ended, making sure to click 'retired” for the status
  • Default: One or two players did not play. List the status as “Default” and list the name(s) of the player(s) earning the win due to the default. For the name of the missing player(s) - click on “Default” in the drop-down box of names. Enter the score as 6-0, 6-0
  • Retire: At least one point of the match was played before it was decided to retire the match. List the status as “Retired” and enter all players” names. Enter score as it was on the last point played
  • Double Default: Both teams did not send players. 'Status” is set to “Double Default” and “Default” is the name used for all players. “Timed' - use this status when your time is up on the court and cannot complete the match thus having an incomplete score
  • Click on the submit button. Any errors will result in non-submission and TopDog will offer possible solutions at the bottom of the screen.

Captains must wait until all lines have completed play before posting results

In the event that a captain is not at the match, she has 3 options:

1.If she will be by a computer with internet access, a teammate can call the captain with the scores, and the captain can input them as usual

2.She can give her login/password to a trusted teammate and ask the teammate to report the scores for the team. Once the captain is back at a computer, she can go to the log in page and change her password to make it more secure if she so chooses

3.Trust the opposing captain to input the scores correctly and let the 72-hour confirmation rule automatically confirm the results

Player Availability:

Player Match Availability

1.“Log In” will take you to your individual player profile

2.Under the 'Competitions” section in the middle of the page, select “Availability” for the appropriate team

3.A chart appears listing your roster and all matches

4.Click on your name to enter your availability


1.Go to your Team Page (not your player profile)

2.Click on the “Availability” tab. This is located in the second row of buttons at the top

3.A chart appears listing your roster and all matches

4.Click on your name to enter your availability

5.This chart will track how many matches each player plays as well as tracks your team’s availability

6.This option is secure and is only accessible by the team captain and co-captain once they are logged in


At the top right side of your browser’s window you should see a “Log In” button. Click on that button. If you “Forgot your Password” or if the site says “Invalid Login”, you are using the wrong credentials. If you are on a team, your captain can also add or update your email for you.

If, when entering the correct Email and password, the program sends you to the HOME page, do the following three things:

a) Ensure cookies are enabled
b) Clear browser's cache AND cookies
c) Close all browser windows, and restart

Last update: 07/20/19
Go to “manage roster’ located in the bar above the team roster. Search for the player. (She should already be in the database because she is on another team). Click on the dot to the left of the player's name and pick the “sub” designation. Hit “save” and your sub will be on the roster.
Last update: 07/20/19


The purpose of the Marin Tennis League is to provide Marin County women with the opportunity to play competitive league tennis in an organized and amicable environment. Consistent with U.S.T.A. rules, we are committed to fostering the principles of good sportsmanship, fairness, friendly competition, and camaraderie among women.
We expect our members, through their positive tennis experiences, to bring to the courts a sense of the significance of their participation in the Marin Tennis League. We expect our members to accept the ultimate outcome of league play with the grace and understanding that good sportsmanship requires. Finally, we expect our members to relax and enjoy the benefits derived from sharing in the joy of playing tennis with other women.

You will be responsible for scheduling all your own home and away matches. Over half of your team’s matches must be scheduled prior to January 1st. Check with your club to see that these matches do not interfere with the Sonoma-Napa-Marin League matches or other events to which you are committed. No visiting team can specify availability on only one weekday throughout the season. Use your own judgment. Circumstances occasionally warrant flexibility of these rules. We are here to have fun and to play tennis! Note that the Marin League Board may issue point penalties or defaults for egregious violation of any of the rules listed below.

1. This is an adult women’s weekday, doubles-only league beginning in September and ending by March 31st. The League consists of A and B divisions. Each club may enter one or more divisions, providing a minimum of 15 players per team.

2. A list of team players must be submitted online by September 1. There is no limit to the number of players that may be on the list. However, only 10 women will be playing per match. Any additions are to be made on-line in the Captain’s Court before the added woman plays in a match.

3. There will be 5 (five) matches played per event for all divisions. The host club must provide 3 courts for home play.

4. Refreshments and balls (USTA approved), UNOPENED PLEASE!! will be provided by the hosting team.

5. Restroom facilities must be available on the premises of the hosting team. If restroom facilities are not available, the hosting team must offer to play at the visitor’s courts. The ultimate decision is with the visiting team. Hosting duty would then revert to the team with bathrooms on the premises.


1. USTA Rules will be strictly enforced, except where noted.USTA 2011 RULE ABOUT REVERSED CALLS: if you change a call from OUT to IN, you lose the point. The point goes to the opponent and is NOT replayed. Also, if one player calls the ball OUT and their doubles partner calls the ball IN, the ball is considered IN.

Rosters: Contrary to USTA rules, players may play for only one club, at one level per season. Failure to follow this rule will result in a default, taking away the points earned from that position and awarding those points to the opposing club. We encourage you to play to strength.If your #1 and #2 players are rarely winning, and #3, #4, and #5 players are consistently winning, then those players in #3, #4 and #5 must compete at the higher end of the roster. The Board has, and will, impose penalties to these teams who ignore this policy.

2. Match Format: All matches will be the best of 3 tiebreak sets. A 10 point Coman Match Tiebreak may replace the third set. One point will be awarded for each set won. If a team wins in straight sets they will be awarded 3 points. Captains, please post scores promptly: 3 points will be deducted from the home team if the scores are posted on the web site more than 3 days after the match was completed (in its entirety).

3. Full Third Set or Tiebreak: The decision to play a third set or a match tiebreak (first to 10 by 2) in lieu of a third set should be made by the home team on each court prior to the start of the match. If the players forget to make this decision prior to the start of the match, it should be made as soon as this oversight is discovered. The decision, once made, can be changed only by the unanimous agreement of all players on the court. If the home team is hosting the match at the visiting team’s courts, the visiting team decides if a tiebreaker will be played.

4. Tiebreak Procedure: The Coman Tiebreak Procedure shall be used with players changing ends after the first point, then after every four points, and at the conclusion of the tiebreak (1st point, 5th, 9th, 13th, etc.)

5. Coaching is allowed only in the 10-minute break prior to a full third set. This is done with players and coaches off the court. If a third set match tiebreak is played there is only a 120 second set break between the second set and start of the match tie-break.

6. Match Warm-up: Unless captains have agreed in advance to change starting times (see Rule #10), first round matches, traditionally #1, #2, and #3, should begin warm-up by 9:00 a.m. with play commencing no later than 9:15, serves included. Play begins at 9:15 without further warm up or a default will be called if one or more players are missing. Second round players must arrive no later than 10:30. Second round matches, subject to court availability, should begin at 10:30. Warm up ends and play begins 15 minutes after a court is available. A default is called if one or more players are missing at the end of those 15 minutes. A default cannot be taken if a court is not available.

7. Defaults: In the event of a default the following procedures should be followed - If the captain does not have enough players for all 5 matches prior to the match, the default must be taken in number 5 doubles. The captain should inform the visiting team captain prior to the match so that the opponents do not show up when there is no match for them to play. If the default occurs at the court the morning of the match prior to first round play and the number 4 and number 5 doubles players have not arrived at the courts, the default will be the number 3 doubles. If the default occurs prior to the start of number 4 and 5 doubles the default will be the number 5 doubles. If an entire match is defaulted the Board will impose point penalties as well as not allowing that team to play for the remainder of the season. A player who wins by default in a match cannot play in another position in the same match. If she does so, that match will be defaulted. Injury timeouts are limited to 5 minutes or that match will be defaulted.

8. Match Cancellation/Unplayable Courts: If courts are unplayable, matches should be canceled by 7:30 am the day of the match.It is mandatory that someone from the home team checks the courts before 7:30 am to see if they are dry.If the courts are unplayable by the scheduled match time and the visiting team has not been notified by 7:30 am, the visiting team has the option of rescheduling the match at their home courts.(Note that Rule 10 allows agreeable captains to schedule a 10:00 am start time.)

Rainouts should be rescheduled and played within five (5) weeks (i.e., a match rained out on Oct. 1 should be played by Nov. 6.) Unless mutually agreed upon by both captains, rainout make-up dates should not be offered during Thanksgiving week, the two-week December school holiday, and school Winter and Spring Break weeks.If you are dealing with an uncooperative captain, please call a Board member for assistance.

9. Match Confirmation: Both captains must contact each other 5-7 days before the match – to confirm times, place and date, as they share the responsibility of ensuring their team’s arrival. When using email, captains must reply to the opposing captain or club rep sending the email. It is critical that you make person-to-person contact.

10. Scheduling a Match / Start Times: Once a date has been scheduled for the season, THERE MAY BE NO CHANGES IN THE DATE EXCEPT FOR A RAINOUT. No other reason will be accepted. • Start Times: At the discretion of both captains, they may opt to schedule a 10:00 am match start time (weather permitting). However, both captains must poll their players for availability before making this commitment.

11. Written Lineup: The visiting captain, or appointed player, shall arrive at the match with a written line up on the MTL Score Sheet. No substitution may be made in an individual match after the lineup has been presented, except for injury to, illness of, disqualification of, or failure to appear on time by a player, prior to the start of such match. In that event, the substitute shall play in the position that is open due to the injury, illness, disqualification or failure to appear on time. No substitute may be taken from the original lineup after the lineup has been presented, except that if a player’s partner does not show up due to injury, illness, disqualification, or otherwise fails to appear on time, the captain may use a substitute player. The home captain will also have her line up written out on the MTL Score Sheet. If a player is not listed on the online team roster before the match, that match will be defaulted and the opposing team is awarded 3 points. See Rule #21 for substitutions from a lower level team.

12. Rain: In case of rain, the home captain will be responsible for contacting the guest captain to cancel and reschedule. As stated in Rule #9, both captains MUST make two-way personal contact with one another, via phone or email. By 6:00 p.m. on the day following the cancellation of the match (weekends excluded), the hosting captain must provide the visiting captain with at least 2 dates to choose from within 5 five weeks, as outlined in Rule #8. The offered dates must not be on days that the team has a scheduled or re-scheduled Marin League match, or during Thanksgiving week, the two-week December School holiday, and School Winter and Spring Break weeks.

The visiting captain has 24 hours (weekends excluded) to select one of the dates and notify the home captain of the date. If the visiting captain does not respond within 24 hours or cannot play on any of the two dates given, a team default could be called at the discretion of the Board. The home captain must also comply with her duties, as stated in Rule #9, or her team may be subject to the same penalty. If the match has begun and it starts to rain, the same lineup must be used and play will continue at the point it was suspended. If play has not begun (a point has not been played) and rain begins, the lineup for those unplayed positions can be changed. If a default has been given or taken, and the match was rained out (that is, never started), then that default is voided and should be played.

13. Location change:Any change of location or time must be mutually agreed upon by both captains.

14. Ranked players and teaching pros must get Board approval to play on a Marin League team.

15. League Winners: The team with the highest number of points at the end of the season will win the perpetual trophy and must move up to the next division. If a team scores 65% or more and doesn’t win the division, they may move up if they choose. In the event of a tie for first place in the A1 division, the two teams will have a playoff in the same format as in the regular season (i.e., 5 lines). The team that won the head to head match will be considered the home team. In the event of a tie in all other flights, the team that won the head to head match in the regular season will be considered the winner.

16. Team Demotion: If a team scores less than 35% of the possible points, it must move down a division. We do not round up to save you from demotion!

17. The Board at its discretion can move teams as needed, to maintain an equitable balance among divisions.

18. Teams entering the league may request their division but the Board will make final decision on division placement.

19. Existing Teams: Other existing teams may not move up or down without consent of the Board. To change divisions, submit a written request, with reasons and proposed rosters, to the Board by June 15.

20. The 75%-65% Recommendation: If an INDIVIDUAL player elects to move up to the next higher division (provided space is available for her on that higher team), the player should have played a minimum of 75% of the scheduled matches at position #1 or #2. Of that 75%, the individual player should have won at least 65% of their matches. The league DOES NOT endorse the decimation of teams to support the promotion of an individual player(s).

21. Substitution Rule: When it comes time for your match, if your team is short one or more players, you may drawfrom any lower division in your club, if your club has entered more than one division in the league. Under no circumstances are you allowed to draw from a division above your team or at your same team level, i.e. A-2 Red cannot play for A-2 Blue. When you use a substitute from below, you may do so only once and that individual may not be used again as a substitute for the remainder of the season. A team using the same substitute more than once will have six (6) points deducted. Substitutes can play no higher than #3 position. The procedure for playing a substitute is detailed in the MTL Website Information and Instructions.


The Board reserves the right to take punitive action in the case of poor sportsmanship.,Any grievance you choose to put in writing to the Board must be copied and sent to the captain of
the opposing team.

August, 2019 There will be NO Captains' Meeting this year. Captains will self-schedule.

September 1, 2019 Team Rosters Due - All captains must submit a list of at least 15 players on line at in the Captain’s Court. Failure to do so will result in the team being dropped from the league schedule for the season. Season begins in September.

January 1, 2020 More than half of the season’s matches must be completed by this date.

March 31, 2020 Marin League Season Ends

May 2020 Marin League Awards Event - Location and Time TBD

June 15, 2020 Team Registration Deadline: Team fees MUST be submitted, with no exceptions. Teams failing to list a captain and co-captain by June 15th will be dropped from the league.


Thora Blaine, Director (415) 883-6788 /

Wendy Barbaria, At Large (415) 235-9305 c / (415) 235-9305 h /

Julie Chun, Luncheon Co-Chair, Website Scoring Disputes (415) 845-9598 c/

Suzie Fitzpatrick, Treasurer / Luncheon Co-Chair (415) 720-6699 c /

Tirrell (Terry) Graham*, Rules Committee (415) 686-2667 c / (415) 383-4773 /

Peggy Jett, Scholarship (415) 888-2301 c /

Patti Melin, Secretary (415) 388-3168 /

Deborah Odier, At Large (415) 499-4357 c /

Michelle Steinhart*, Website Scoring Disputes (415) 383-8253 /

* If you have read the rules and need help clarifying an issue, please contact us.

Last update: 12/15/19


2019/2020 Marin League Season

9/2/2019 - 3/31/2020
5 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2018/2019 Marin League Season

9/1/2018 - 4/30/2019
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

Affiliated Clubs and Organizations

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Tiburon Peninsula Club

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